helping mid-career executives communicate complex ideas



Get faster approvals

Say what matters. Anthony get a ‘yes' from his CFO within an hour of sending his email. This was unprecedented, yet upon using the approach again, he continued to get fast responses.

Make better decisions

Get to the right point quickly. Cherie radically cut the length of her meetings by following our simple, 3-step strategy. She started her meetings quickly, made better decisions and got more done.

Communicate like a leader

See your good ideas get traction. Rebecca was struggling with her board papers. She not only cut the prep time by 60% she also delighted her Board chair.  delighted.



top-tier thinking strategies

Participants learn to distil their ideas down to one major insight that is supported by a small number of logically organised ideas. 

The program introduces The So What Strategy, a three-part framework for preparing any kind of communication.

Design your strategy (deeply understand your purpose and audience)

Develop your storyline (a highly structured one-pager)

Deliver your communication in any format, from email to paper to PowerPoint or in a meeting.




Clarity First allows participants to build their skills at their own pace.

Divided into 3 levels, it provides what they need at each learning stage.

Core – learn the science, (the core structured communication approach) in small chunks of ~15 minutes at a time. Total ~7 hours.

Sprint – dive more deeply into the concepts and start using patterns via 5 x 90-minute workshops jam packed with challenges and practical strategies.

Momentum – begin to master the art now that the science is clear by accessing more tips, tools and templates and joining smaller group sessions.



Throughout each stage of the program, participants have regular access to live Q&A sessions where they can ask questions, collaborate with other motivated experts and solve problems live.

Once they move into the Momentum level, they will have access to extra sessions where the size is capped to 20 participants to allow for greater interaction.

All sessions are recorded to allow participants to catch what they missed and to revisit sessions as desired.



Our resource library grows weekly with real-live examples and insights from our live sessions together.

As participants progress from one level to the next they unlock a deeper set of resources suited to their learning stage.

Resources include tips, tools and templates to help them put the structured communication techniques into practice.

The library also includes recordings of live sessions, which are tagged to help participants find topics that are relevant to them. They may, for example, want to see other examples of funding or resource requests, updates, board papers and more.

Despite sessions being recorded and the need to respect confidentiality, these recordings include rich and valuable discussions from a wide range of industry sectors.




If the nature of the Clarity First cohort is anything to go by communicating complex ideas is a global challenge.

Participants come from almost all corners of the globe and across a wide range of disciplines.

We have people from organisational development and marketing backgrounds as well as data science, project management, IT, finance, engineering, funds management and more.

The one common theme is that 80% of participants have 15 years' work experience or more.

Many are experts in their area, while others lead small to large teams.

This mix of participants brings a wonderful breadth of expertise and experience that helps everyone during our live sessions together. 

Those who prefer to learn privately rather than joining the live sessions also gain from this diversity.



Having worked with executives for years I know how busy schedules get and how difficult it is to stick to a skill-building schedule.

This in no way reflects a lack of ambition or commitment, but rather the reality of the professional juggle.

As a result, I offer the program for a low monthly fee: $149 per month.

This takes the pressure off so those who are interrupted can slow their pace and re engage more deeply when they come up for air.

Should participants commit for a year, they receive a two-month discount, and pay an annual fee of $1,490.

Australians and Kiwis receive a ‘home field advantage' and pay in AUD rather than the standard USD.

Feel free to email if you have any questions: [email protected]



Spending less time to communicate with greater impact

Client surveys illustrate the time savings our approach can deliver.


communicated with greater clarity


fought fewer fires afterwards


Davina Stanley

Davina Stanley has been helping experts communicate complex ideas for more than 20 years.

She began this work as a communication specialist at McKinsey & Company in Hong Kong and has since helped executives globally.

Based in Sydney, she is the author of the So What Strategy and managing director of Clarity Thought Partners.