Here is my interview with Richard Medcalf of Xquadrant.

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I am usually not a fan of completing audits.

Keeping records of minutiae has never been my strength.

But, wow.

Even though I have by no means kept a perfect record of what I have been up to over the past couple of weeks, the insights have been powerful.

They have certainly helped me get out of the weeds so I can become clearer about ways – to quote today's interview guest – multiply my impact.

Richard Medcalf of Xquadrant specialises in helping successful people do just that.

He offers a number of terrific ideas including how to:

  • Harness your curiosity to increase your influence
  • Lead strategically when there is already too much to do
  • Use a concept called prisons and fortresses to make sure you get to the things that really matter

We hope you enjoy this half-hour interview and the free resources he has for you at https://xquadrant.com/clarityfirst/ and check out his new podcast ‘Impact Multiplier CEO' wherever you normally listen to them.


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Ideas to help you communicate complex ideas with clarity and impact

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