Davina Stanley


Helping executives clarify and convey
complex ideas with less hassle and rework



I love the ‘Ah, got it' that comes when a client finds the breakthrough idea lurking beneath all the fluff.

Helping surface the big idea they were struggling to articulate is magic.

As is learning new things. Every day.

That might be things about my clients or how to tweak my own style to help them achieve maximum skill lift in the minimum time.

In helping clients from almost everywhere over the last 25+ years, I build on my experience at work and in life.

  • McKinsey opened my eyes to all sorts of possibilities and, critically, taught me how to structure my thinking.
  • Barbara Minto ‘motivated' (terrified?!) me  into deepening my Pyramid Principle skills when she reviewed and then approved my training in 2009.
  • School teaching taught me the basics of human psychology and skill-building.
  • Public relations taught me how to think deeply about stakeholders and craft catchy communication.
  • Growing up on a fairly remote Australian potato farm gave me the curiosity and resourcefulness needed to raise my kids across four countries.

All of this helps me reach into your situation to help you clarify and convey complex ideas with greater insight.


10 minutes to Better Emails

There is no time like the present.

If you have an inkling that I could help you lift the quality of thinking in your communication, try my free email course.

In just 10 minutes you'll get some good ideas and also learn more about how I think about communication.

BoardPaper Bootcamp

Do you wonder if you are getting by with ‘OK' communication … that might one day not be enough?

My Board Paper Bootcamp helps executives of all stripes clarify and convey complex ideas to get better, faster decisions.

Are you working nights and weekends iterating on drafts?

Do you play too much ‘ping pong' with your leaders trying to work out what the leaders need to hear from you?

Perhaps you are frustrated by presenting multiple times or by seemingly silly questions from your leaders?

Explore how the bootcamp can help.

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