BusyCo's IT infrastructure is struggling to keep up with its evolving business, particularly in relation to intelligent data storage solutions. BusyCo leadership does not want to store sensitive material on the cloud and would prefer other physical storage options.

(Implied question: What is the best way for BusyCo to boost its data storage capability?)

BusyCo should invest $300-$400K in Black to ensure intelligent data storage capabilities.

Statement: BusyCo currently does not have intelligent data storage capabilities. It lacks storage redundancy, replication and advanced storage features such as data de-duplication.

Comment on the statement: And the best fit solution for BusyCo to address its intelligent data storage problems is an investment with Black. Black meets all basic requirements, while Yellow meets many basic requirements but lacks industry maturity and Pink could meet the basic requirements as a retrofit to current storage, though adoption of their technology introduces significant complexity.

Implication: Therefore, we should prepare to implement a Black storage solution by allocating $300 – $400K, developing a data migration plan and identifying and managing potential risks associated with the data migration and mitigate those risks.

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