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How thinking like an entrepreneur can help you conquer your fear of presenting

I have thoroughly enjoyed Marie Forleo’s quirky videos, powerful interviews and insightful business posts over the past five or so years.Marie’s sassy New Jersey gumption offers some powerful no-nonsense ideas all of us can learn from as we strive to grow ourselves and our teams.Recently I also binged on her new book, Everything …
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Too many books?

I don’t know about you, but my book shelves are stuffed to over flowing. And that’s just my shelves. Then there’s the bedside table, and my work area … perhaps I should stop there. You get the idea. We love books in our house and I often feel guilty that …
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Do you scribble on books?

Do you scribble on books?  When I went to school this was considered to be very bad form but as an adult I find it essential.  Taking notes in the margins of books I want to learn from: underlining key phrases, turning over corners and generally making a mess of …
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Do facts change minds?

Changing other peoples’ minds is central to having influence in business, however in his new book Atomic Habits James Clear offers some new insight into this vexing challenge. He starts by referring to two notable minds which point in the same direction: J.K. Galbraith once wrote, “Faced with a choice …
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