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Do facts change minds?

Changing other peoples’ minds is central to having influence in business, however in his new book Atomic Habits James Clear offers some new insight into this vexing challenge. He starts by referring to two notable minds which point in the same direction: J.K. Galbraith once wrote, “Faced with a choice …
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Do emotion and business communication mix?

I recently ran a webinar called Getting To The Point Without Being Blunt which included a Q&A time for the participants. One of the great questions that came out was about the use of emotion in business communication. Download this and the other five Q&As here, or read on. I …
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Is Andy Groves right? Is writing more important than reading?

Like many, I have been impressed by the discipline that Jeff Bezos has instilled at Amazon, where important decisions are made after thorough discussion of tightly crafted six-page narratives. Bezos has been quoted as saying that Full sentences are harder to write. They have verbs. The paragraphs have topic sentences. …
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Getting to the So What just got easier

This new book introduces seven most commonly used storyline patterns for business communication How often have you invested significant energy to prepare a piece of communication only to be confronted with this most uncomfortable question from your audience: “So what?” It’s one of the most uncomfortable questions in business. Your …
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