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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Clarity First for?

Clarity First is ideal for any professional at any level who wants their good ideas to get the traction they deserve.

Past participants have included final stage university students through to board directors from an enormous variety of disciplines and industries.

At the time of writing, we have people from Australia, Dubai, Russia, Switzerland, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

Participants include communication specialists, corporate affairs leaders, consultants, data analysts, IT specialists, past partners from top-tier global accounting firms, Project managers, and team leaders from the healthcare sector.

What would change if I complete Clarity First?

There will be a number of changes, some subtle and some significant. Here are some examples:

– Spend less time preparing your communication. Clients tell me they cut the amount of time taken to prepare important communication by as much as 60%

– Get faster responses. At the micro level, this might mean from emails. At the macro level, faster approvals for big decisions.

– Experience less frustration. Reworking papers and PowerPoints multiple times to get the outcome you want is both boring and frustrating. Our So What Strategy process cuts this rework massively.

What would I learn from Clarity First?

You would learn a structured way to organise your ideas before you communicate in any setting.

Our So What Strategy framework is effective in almost any corporate setting.

You may have heard of similar approaches such as ‘Answer First', Pyramid Principle or ‘Top Down Thinking'.

We have specialised in this area for decades, drawing on our top-tier management consulting experience to help people from a vast array of disciplines to engage others in complex ideas.

What happens if I am called away for a couple of weeks?

The new month-by-month Clarity First Program is deliberately flexible.

Every busy professional has times when they must focus purely on their work or other parts of their lives outside work.

That is why we have designed Clarity First to allow you to work at your own pace through the material with regular support regardless of the stage you are at.

How does Clarity First work?

Clarity First allows you to work through our program independently and at your own pace while also being supported by us and your peers.

Level 1 – Core – is all about learning our So What Strategy structured communication process. This is where you learn the concepts and start putting them into practice in your own work. We offer regular Live Q&A sessions to support your learning, which are scheduled to suit any timezone.

Level 2 – Sprint – enables you to go deeper. This five week series is facilitated to me and only open to those who have completed Level 1. We work through a structured program of exercises combined with practical challenges and the opportunity to ‘ask me anything'. The live sessions are scheduled for September and March, with recordings available for those who are not able to make the live sessions.

Level 3 – Momentum – enables you to work toward mastery in smaller groups.  Current members include those who need to align complex stakeholder groups around major pitches and team leaders wanting fresh eyes on their papers and proposals. Others seek thought partners to work out the best way to delegate so they can turn their team's performance around. They say they enjoy the regular working sessions as they have nobody at work sufficiently skilled to offer meaningful communication advice. They also prefer to receive support in a safe place away from their (competitive?) peers.

How long does it take to complete clarity first?

This is largely up to you.

I previously ran the program ‘university style' over three months but have deconstructed it into three discrete levels to allow participants to work through at their own pace.

This makes it easier for participants to juggle hectic and often unpredictable work and life schedules.

Having said that, three months is a healthy minimum, six a solid plan and 12 months is ideal for those who want to communicate complex ideas with confidence in a wide range of settings.

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