FREE - Write Emails that are Easy to Action

Emails are everywhere and seem too easy to focus on. Yet, how much time do you spend clarifying your message in lengthy email chains? How often do you receive calls from recipients who aren't clear about your message?

This single module course offers 4 steps to take to write emails that are easy to action.

It provides a simple strategy and template for making your message ‘pop' so your audience can action quickly.

FREE - How to Communicate with Impact

This course includes four powerful modules to help you think differently about how you communicate so you can have greater impact


This short course includes the first 3 modules from Express. It introduces the Pyramid Principle (which we call storylining), core structured thinking approaches and how to use storylining within corporate templates.

It also includes digital copies of our book, The So What Strategy, and our quick reference desk tent as well as simple tools and templates to help you apply the approach straight away.

This is the lowest cost, highest value way to start learning our approach and offers you a 20% discount should they wish to upgrade to Clarity First Express.

Clarity in Problem Solving

Engaging stakeholders in the right message to the right people in the right way requires more than just polished delivery.

It requires us to solve the right problem before we know who the right people are and then synthesise our findings into the right message.

Clarity in Problem Solving introduces structured thinking techniques used by top consultants.


Designed with busy professionals in mind, this course introduces techniques to help you engage stakeholders effectively no matter how complex your material.

It introduces the Pyramid Principle, which we call storylining, in 11 bite-sized chunks of about 15 minutes each, supported by challenges and notes.

Express includes everything in Basics as well as another 8 modules which include exercises, examples, tips and tools ready for you to use today.

Participants receive a 20% discount on joining our comprehensive Clarity First Program should they wish to take their learning further.


Mental Models

This course includes 10 audio modules with accompanying emails and downloadable notes to help you utilise mental models in problem solving and communication.