Friday Five Challenge

The So What

Here is a review of the answers to this fortnights challenge on articulating answers and the So What

1. What is wrong with this So What?

We recommend you should cut spending, improve governance, reorganise to focus on the customer rather than your internal systems, set a new vision and direction that matches the needs of your most desired customers and introduce a fully digitised customer relations system for the front line customer service teams.

Answer: The Answer has too many words, it is a shopping list with no synthesis and the ideas within the sentence have no order.


 2. What is wrong with this So What?

 Our analysis has identified three reasons why we should stop.

Answer: The sentence is incomplete as it does offer great insight.  It is ‘intellectually blank'.


3. What is wrong with this So What?

The list of actions are as follows…

Answer: There is neither summary nor synthesis, the sentence is too short and the sentence is grammatically incorrect.


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