Friday Five Challenge

Deductive Storylines

Here is a review of the answers to this fortnights challenge on End Products

1. Which deductive chain works? 

Answer: Deductions are only given when receipts are provided, you have not provided receipts therefore you are not entitled to a deduction.


 2. What is wrong with this deductive argument?

Governing idea: Maude, like all firefighters, loves swimming

Statement: Maude loves swimming

Comment: Maude is a firefighter

Conclusion: Therefore, all firefighters swim

Answer:The argument does not flow from the general to the particular and the comment does not truly comment on the statement.


    3. What is wrong with this deductive argument?

    Statement: OilyCo's profits are falling in line with the oil price

    Comment: The legislative environment in the US is getting tougher for corporates

    Conclusion: OilyCo should sell its PNG oil and gas interests

    Answer: Once your storyline has been peer reviewed, or if important enough, approved by the person commissioning the communication.


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