Friday Five Challenge

Deliver Your Communication

Here is a review of the answers to this fortnights challenge on End Products

1. How do you use a storyline in a table?

Answer: Use each column to relate to one level within your storyline, Ensure that the ideas in each level are parallel (e.g., all reasons or all actions), Use abbreviations and visual cues to ‘get your message across', (e.g., green might mean ‘status is positive').


 2. How can one storyline relate to multiple forms of communication?


Answer: One storyline can relate to multiple forms of communication in the following ways:

  • The storyline outlines the structure of your story
  • PowerPoint packs and Prose documents use different techniques but can tell the same story
  • When persuading someone of your point in person (even if it is just an update) a storyline informs and guides your discussion.


3. When should you prepare your end product?

Answer: Once your storyline has been peer reviewed, or if important enough, approved by the person commissioning the communication.


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