Let's get you that interview

Many friends and clients tell me they are unsure how secure their job is right now.

If they are not unsure, they are certainly wondering how much more they will need to stand out when next applying for a new role. The competition, they think, will be more intense.

To help with that process I am offering 2 free ‘Help and Learn' sessions where we will help someone write their pitch for a new role.

The pitch will then form the basis for their cover letter and talking points during their interview.

Given places are strictly limited to 15 people in each, here is how it will work:

 #1 – Decide if this is for you. There are two questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a specific role that you are currently applying for or one that you know is coming up soon that you want?
  • Would you like a small group of smart people to help you improve the chances of your cover letter landing an interview?

#2 – Click the link below to see if you can secure a spot in one of the sessions. To be fair to everyone you need to commit to just one time slot. If you register to both, we will remove you from both and not allow you to re-register. Click here to register.

#3 – If there are no places left or the time does not work for you, join the waitlist. We will offer cancellation places in the order they are received and also offer the recording to those who waitlist. Click here to join our waitlist.

#4 – Prepare to participate.​​ I will announce at the start of the session who we will focus on based what I think is the best fit for the group. Whether you are the centre of attention or not, you will come away with concrete strategies to help you with your own cover letter.

#5 – If you get close to the date and realise you can't make it, please let us know so we can free up your place for someone else.

I have offered these a couple of times and they have been great fun and valuable for everyone present.


I love what I do.

I have had the pleasure of helping smart people all over the world to clarify and communicate complex ideas for the past 20+ years.

I began this work when I joined McKinsey & Company in Hong Kong as a Communication Specialist and have built a team of eight here in Australia that helps others see their good ideas get the traction they deserve.

The structured approach that I teach, the So What Strategy, helps people from almost every discipline.

It offers a universal thinking process that enables you to articulate the breakthrough lurking beneath the surface of your communication.

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