Do you spend more time than you would like reworking papers and presentations?

My guess is that you do, and that this rework happens out of hours too.

Here are two ideas to help you and your team get out of the weeds … AND prepare your papers and presentations (mostly!) in work hours.

Idea #1 – listen to my latest podcast interview.

Dan Musson and I pick apart the ideas from my new book, Elevate. A typical exec, Dan freely admits that writing board reports hasn't always been his favourite task.

We unpick why and what has changed since he read the preview copy of Elevate.

The interview is on the book info page as well as YouTube and on the Cutting Through podcast.

Idea #2 – get a copy of my new book, Elevate.

Elevate, introduces a time-tested operating model for cutting the rework for you and your team.

Anyone purchasing a copy before 30 May can claim 6 months' free access to the Clarity Hub.

Learn more here.

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