Davina Stanley - engaging keynote speaker for csuite audiences

Keynote Speaker for C-Suite Leaders

If you want an engaging keynote speaker for c-suite or senior leaders, you are in the right place.

Davina brings deep experience working with c-suite leaders wanting to lift the quality of thinking in their team's communication.

She brings energy and enthusiasm to every room.

#1 csuite keynote topic - no more nights and weekends

Davina's #1 keynote topic –

No More Nights and Weekends:
How to stop reworking your team's papers and presentations.

How much time do your leaders spend reworking their team's papers? How much of that is out of hours?

Be they papers or presentations for the senior leadership team or the Board, they require significant effort.

Much of this effort is misplaced as leaders dip down to do their team's job for them. They simply don't know how to avoid this trap.

Yet it is eminently doable.

Davina is an engaging keynote speaker for c-suite leaders. She will challenge them to think about how to:

  • Brief their teams early and well to avoid papers becoming a runaway train. She offers a very specific strategy to help, not just the usual ‘understand your audience' and ‘think about your purpose'.
  • Distil high quality messaging no matter how complex the area. The structured communication techniques she shares apply to every area.
  • Establish a simple and effective operating rhythm for key reports that does not involve iterating multiple lengthy drafts. Kick start your own thinking sooner so you have to think less and your team can think more.
  • Respect corporate conventions, including prescribed board paper templates. Insightful messaging can shine no matter how tightly structured your templates are.

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If you'd like a sense of Davina's keynote topic and style before reaching out, listen to some of her podcast interviews.

You may also like to check out her book, Elevate, specifically written for mid-level to c-suite leaders who want to lift the quality of thinking in their team's papers without rewriting them themselves.


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