Intermediate Workshop –
Revisiting Introductions and the So What

Course Overview –

Davina will build on your ability to draw your audience into your communication using your ‘CTQ-So What' or ‘SCQA' structure.

She will introduce advanced ideas relating to order, style and tone as well as offering a framework for evaluating the value your ‘so what' delivers.

During this interactive workshop you will…

  • Quickly refresh how to build a CTQ-So What (which you may know as SCQA)
  • Extend this understanding so you can reorder and reframe the elements to adjust your tone
  • Learn how to grab your audience's attention by opening with a personalised ‘story' rather than by describing the facts
  • Explore the value ladder so you know how to deliver the highest possible value ‘so what' (or governing thought) for your communication

What others say about Davina's workshops –

The approach you guided us through is excellent.

I'm finding the more I lean into it, the more natural it becomes to frame meaningful content … it's like a ‘magic pattern'.

Nathan, Consultant, Queensland Government Department

I did your course last year and found it extremely useful and continue to use the So What framework – I find it's a bullet-proof method for communicating anything!

I've since left and am now at a new company. We are in a significant growth phase and as such, there are a lot of leads in the business making change and need to communicate this to the Execs and our Board.

Execs have noticed a difference in how I communicate ideas – that they are clear, succinct and actionable, thanks to you!

Can you please give me a call so I can give you some context and arrange a call with my COO to teach our people?

Bianca, Senior Product Manager, Technology Company

Your facilitator –

I love what I do.

I have had the pleasure of helping smart people all over the world to clarify and communicate complex ideas for the past 25+ years.

I first learned the approach when working at McKinsey in Hong Kong in the mid 1990s. Since then I have had the pleasure of having Barbara Minto approve my Pyramid Principle training in 2008.

The structured approach that I teach, the So What Strategy, helps people from almost every discipline.

It offers a universal thinking process that enables you to articulate the breakthrough lurking beneath the surface of your communication.

Pre-requisites –

To have learned the So What Strategy or the Minto Pyramid Principle previously. We ask you to complete a short assessment before registering to assess your level of knowledge.

Just in case you have not yet learned these techniques, consider exploring one of these options:

  • The So What Strategy, our short book introducing these ideas. Learn more here.
  • Introductory Workshop – Thinking Skills to help you communicate complex ideas. A 2-hour workshop for those interested in exploring our approach. Learn more here.
  • Clarity First Express, which offers lifetime access to 11 short modules covering the core concepts alongside exercises, tools and templates. Learn more here.
  • The holistic Clarity First Program, which goes further than either of these options by offering a deep set of modules accompanied by small group coaching. Learn more here.

Inclusions –

Pre-work – 2 x 15 minute videos refreshing your understanding of the concepts

Workshop – May 6 at 8am (Sydney time, AEST)

  • an interactive two hours for a maximum of 30 participants
  • tools and templates to help you use the ideas
  • PDF notes

Recording – available to anyone who missed the session (for two weeks after the workshop) 

$129.00 / seat

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