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Twice a hear I host MasterClasses where I focus on topics that interest technical experts who want to become great communicators. While the next session won't be held for some time, you may be interested in these other ways to improve your communication abilities.

1. Request information about the next MasterClass. The next MasterClass is scheduled for February. Sessions fill quickly so make sure you hear about it early.

2. Complete my free email course. This offers six practical emails with ideas that you can put into practice immediately. Learn more here.

3. Learn about my next Clarity First Group Coaching Program here. This interactive online program helps you get ‘out of the weeds' so you can engage experts and non-experts alike in your updates, business cases and other routine business communication.

We would also love to hear from you. If you have one minute to spare, please complete a short survey offering us your feedback and ideas for future MasterClasses.