Both you AND your organisation benefit
when you build your skills

If you want your manager to invest in your development, you need to do your homework before you have the conversation.

Your manager will want to know exactly why this is the right program for you and how it will help the team and the organisation.

We have provided a brochure, a draft script and some steps to follow to help you prepare for your conversation. Here they are at a high level:

Clarify the benefits the program will bring to you, your team and your organisation. You will want to be clear about this whether you decide to invest yourself, or whether you ask your boss for partial or full support.

Map out how you plan to fit the program in around your other commitments, including your work. 

Get your pitch right. Use our pointers, to help tailor your messaging to suit your situation.

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This training gave me tools & templates to implement. I implemented and realised the results straight away.

People came to me and provided feedback about the tremendous change in my clear communication approach.

Highly recommended, Thanks a lot Davina !!!

Mark, senior manager, Data Quality