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Frequently Asked Questions

Clarity First is a powerful program for experts who want to engage others in complex ideas.

Participants typically join when they realise they need to communicate to more sophisticated and demanding audiences. They are capable and motivated professionals who have often not been taught how to communicate at senior levels of business.

Here is an extensive list of 'FAQ's.

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What will I achieve?

We regularly see people cut both the length of time it takes to prepare their communication and the time it takes to get a result halve.

Here are some examples:

- Anthony's Chief Financial Officer started getting responding to his emails within the hour rather than providing delayed or no responses.

- Cerise started seeing her Steering Committees agreeing with her recommendations the first time she presented them.

- Stefan went from preparing 50+ pages for his business cases to preparing just 2 pages - and getting a fast 'yes'.

- Rebecca and her team cut the amount of time it takes to prepare board papers by 60%.

- Javed was told that his finance paper was the best the CEO had seen in his 3.5 years with the company.

- Alice, an analytics professional, who is not a native English speaker, has become the 'go to' person in her team when they are preparing any important communication.

How is Clarity First different from other communication programs?

Clarity First provides a ‘go to’ framework that helps you clarify your thinking before communicating in any situation.

We see good communication as an outcome of clear thinking, that emerges as a result of a simple and repeatable process.

This means no more drafting long papers or PowerPoints and then iterating endlessly on them, but rather using a structured technique to map your ideas onto a single page, socialise it and only then prepare your final piece of communication with speed.

We don't see the communication itself is not the be-all, rather the ‘be-all’ is the impact you have.

We are delighted when you work through our process and realise you do not need to communicate at all.

This happens more often than you might expect.

Who is the program for?

Clarity First is for anyone who wants to engage their stakeholders in complex ideas.

Participants are smart professionals who have never been taught the skills they need to communicate in a way that engages other busy executives, particularly decision makers.

Current participants include those in analytics, consulting, project management, the law, organisational development, research, technology and more.

They typically have 15 or more years' experience, but include professionals with anywhere from 5 years to 30+ from all corners of the globe.

Who facilitates the program?

Davina Stanley founded and facilitates this program with occasional support from her team.

Davina learned the foundations of her craft at McKinsey & Company, and has been helping technical experts to communicate clearly for more than 20 years.

She leads a team of 8 structured communication specialists based in Australia who increasingly travel internationally to serve clients from a wide range of industries.

Where Davina is not able to do so, her team members (most of whom are McKinsey trained) will provide document feedback during the program.

Davina is the co-author of The So What Strategy, which offers what she see as the seven most commonly used storyline patterns in business.

What support do you provide?

We offer regular live working sessions where we work through a challenge together. These are typically held monthly at times that suit almost any time zone and are available to all program members.


How much time do I need to allow?

This depends on your chosen learning pathway.

Intensive Pathway participants need 2-3 hours per week for a shorter period of time for learning. This allows them to join the live workshops as well as complete the online modules. They will also be experimenting with the approach in their live work.

Classic Pathway participants learning at their own pace typically invest 1- 2 hours per week for focused learning while also practicing their new skills at work (so they can get that time back really quickly).

Foundation Pathway participants time investment varies greatly. These participants enjoy extra 1-1 private coaching with me and tend to be highly active in the program's working sessions and Intensive Workshops.

Participants tell me they quickly ‘get back’ the time invested as they answer fewer clarification questions, fight fewer mis-fires and have a familiar and universal process to use when preparing their communication.

Having said that, I do observe that most participants' interaction with the program varies as other priorities take them away.

I regularly see times when they 'binge' and then times when they rest before coming back.

What does the program cost?

There are three participation levels, allowing those who want extra opportunities to work directly with Davina to receive more attention.

Intensive Pathway

The Intensive Pathway is available for $1,290 including taxes. It provides three months' access to the full program plus six live workshops. These are scheduled at noon AEDT on 6 Thursdays from 16 February 2023. Participants are also welcome at our regular Tuesday working sessions scheduled at the same times.

Classic Pathway

The classic program costs $159 per month including taxes. 

There are a couple of other things to note about the payment process:

  • Tax invoices and receipts can be provided
  • Registration can be confirmed with a credit card payment during the registration window, or bank deposit, a purchase order or a formal email from the person responsible for payment explaining when payment will arrive.

Go here to join the waitlist - or to register, if registration is currently open.

What are my payment options?

You have two options:

#1 - If paying monthly, you can pay with credit card via our secure payment portal on the website. We use Stripe as our payment gateway, which is well recognised as a secure and easy to use platform.

#2 - If your employer is funding your place in the Intensive Program, you may submit a purchase order to us as evidence of your commitment to the program. We understand that corporate procurement processes can take time, and allow you to start the program once the PO is provided.

How does the guarantee work?

If you get into the program and realise that it does not do what we say it will do for you, please let us know within the first 14 days.

We will refund you in full, no questions asked.

We hope you will explain what went wrong so we can learn from your experience, but will automatically provide a 100% refund regardless.

How do I register?

Click THIS LINK and you will either be taken to the registration page during our 'open period' or to our 'waitlist' page to be notified when registrations reopen.


If you have any questions you are welcome to email us at and we will come back to you ASAP.


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