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Professional PowerPoint template
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Professional PowerPoint Templates

Go beyond using professional PowerPoint templates to tell a compelling story using PowerPoint.

Ever wondered how to prepare professional PowerPoint decks that are as crisp and clear as those made by consultants?

Learn the basics of how to think through your messaging and then convey your ideas in PowerPoint.

This toolkit includes …

An intro deck offering four steps for preparing your next Powerful PowerPoint, including how to

  • Use a one-pager to frame your messaging
  • SCORE your messaging against five criteria to confirm it is robust
  • Sketch a storyboard to visualise your messaging, page by page
  • Showcase your messaging inside your PowerPoint.

7 detailed PowerPoint case studies, showcasing seven insightful and well-structured, real-world (non-consulting) decks:

  • Friendly Bank offers three ways to lift performance
  • 105 Reports story asks leaders to decide on some ugly trade-offs
  • Big Bank offers a strategy for reprioritising efforts to recover a revenue shortfall
  • Report Bot recommends that a resistant leadership implements a new tool
  • Coonawarra offers a recommendation based on an evaluation of three options
  • Diversity Update illustrates how to deliver a classic performance update
  • Uplift is a progress update recrafted to request a change of direction

2 video modules to help you create your own PowerPoints:

  • The first explains how to visualise your messaging so your PowerPoint decks pack a punch.
  • The second introduces structured thinking basics to help you structure your messaging.

30 hard-to-create images you can cut and paste into your own deck. These were created by long-time McKinsey PowerPoint expert, Neil Young.

This toolkit was developed by Davina Stanley. It uses techniques that she has taught consultants at McKinsey and BCG as well as everyone from graduates to the c-suite in some of the world's largest organisations … and some smart small ones too.


$99 – immediate digital delivery.


60% less time spent preparing papers*

* Source: Client feedback


1-2 iterations
(not 5-10 or more …)


Less frustration, better, faster decisions


“This was the best course I have done.

I was always confident in my reasoning but not as confident with presenting it, particularly to audiences that were not on my wavelength. Davina has shown me how to organise my high level messages which gets me a better response from my audiences.

In fact, when I used the approach to present to the sales team last week half of them came up to me individually afterwards to compliment me on my presentation.

That has never happened before!”

Bojana, Customer experience adviser, Sydney Australia