Learn how to communicate complex ideas that cut through using this practical book from top-tier communication specialists, Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles.

Never be asked “So, what does that mean?” again.


Get faster approvals

Say what matters. Anthony got a ‘yes' from his CFO within an hour of sending his email. This was unprecedented, yet upon using the approach again, he continued to get fast responses.

Make better decisions

Get to the right point quickly. Cherie radically cut the length of her meetings by following our simple, 3-step strategy. She started her meetings quickly, made better decisions and got more done.

Communicate like a leader

See your good ideas get traction. Rebecca was struggling with her board papers. She not only cut the prep time by 60% she also delighted her Board chair.  delighted.


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Have you ever been caught at the end of a presentation when your audience, perhaps a leadership team or a Steering Committee, looks at you blankly and asks this most uncomfortable question: ‘So what?' How does that help?

If so, you don't want to be there again.

You want to know how to answer that question in one single, powerful sentence. Or, even better, set yourself up so nobody asks it.

In this practical book, Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles – communication strategists with decades of experience working with everyone from graduates through to the C-suite – reveal their proven approach.


This book is a wonderful guide for anyone who wants to master top-down, message driven communication, including an elevator pitch. The book practices what it preaches. It is focused on a few key areas — communicating the “So what?” and it provides enough explanation and example for you to master it, but not so much that you have to wade through repetitive pages.

Teresa Woodland, leadership expert and communication coach, Pittsburgh USA

When I build a new team, these foundations of clear thinking and powerful communication are always among the first practices I introduce. The ideas are seductively simple in concept, but wickedly potent in application. They make anyone in business more effective, regardless of profession or seniority. Stanley and Castles nail it. This is simply the single best guide to the fundamentals of clarity and persuasion in any type of business communication.

Houston Spencer, former head of corporate communications for Rio Tinto, London UK

This could be the best investment that you make this year to improve yourself: My former McKinsey colleagues Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles have just published a guide to helping people get traction behind their ideas. It's about ensuring that you've been understood so that you can engage people to get things done. Highly recommended.

 – Robert Lakin, Co-founder, Analytika Research, Tel Aviv

If the ‘Pitch' excerpt is anything to go by, your new book will be fantastic – thanks so much for sharing! This will be one of the ‘must read' books of 2017 – can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Well done Davina and Gerard!

– Anthony Wilson, Independent Risk Consultant, previously Head of Compliance at Woolworths Australia

By way of background, I have long history in the consulting space and believe that effective communications separates leaders from the pack. And it’s something that one can continually work on to improve. Over the years I’ve read a number of books on communications such as books on writing, storyboards, logic, presentation construction, visual design, and verbal delivery. I’ve recently read “The So What Strategy,” a book on business communications, and wanted to share my thoughts on the book. “The So What Strategy” is an excellent book and provides readers with essential tools for more effective business communications related to writing, storyboards, logic, and presentation construction.

Steve Shu, Management Consultant, Los Angeles, California (

Davina Stanley helps anyone distill complex concepts into punchy prose. I have seen first hand how Davina's approach can sharpen great ideas to provide commercial cut through. Definitely worth a read!

 David Langford, Managing Director and Chief Investment Analyst at Longlake Financial, Sydney Australia

What if you always held the answer to the question ‘So what?’ in your head? And what if it took only a short time to articulate? And nobody switched off as you explained, because what you were saying was so clear and compelling … and just downright convincing. What if any listener could actually understand what you were talking about? And they could see the urgent need for action? Action that you had already structured into a one page document. Ready to go. How much easier would it be for you and your workplace? And how much time would you save with less meetings, reports or emails. But best of all, how confident would you feel if you actually knew what you were on about and you had already worked through the ‘So What Strategy’? explained in this book.

 – Karen Clark, Leading Educator Years 11/12, Hobart Australia



An overview deck annotates our 7 powerful business storyline patterns and illustrates how to convert each one into a PowerPoint deck.


Each example within the bundle helps you find the right pattern and frees you up to focus on clarifying your messaging, rather than fiddling with PowerPoint.


The annotated ‘cut and paste' templates for each of our 7 storyline patterns allow you to overlay your own story into a pre-formatted deck, cut and paste sections into your own format or use it as a reference.

‘Thanks, Davina. These templates were super easy to use. They saved heaps of time – AND my recommendation was approved straight away.”

Greg, Business Analyst, Brisbane


Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles have been helping professionals use storylines to strengthen their communication skills for decades.

They started out helping McKinsey consultants in Hong Kong and Sydney use the Minto Pyramid Principle® and then spread their wings to work independently before starting Clarity Thought Partners together in 2010.

Both help professionals from a wide range of disciplines clarify their thinking so they can communicate clearly.

Is The So What Strategy for you?

The So What Strategy helps anyone who wants to communicate complex ideas. Read to …

  Be so clear about your point of view you can articulate it in one, powerful sentence

  Consistently craft messages that land, whether you are communicating up through the layers of your organisation, to your teams or externally to customers, suppliers, regulators or others

  See your ideas gain traction because you have been understood and because you have engaged your stakeholders up and down your organisation

  Spend less time answering questions and reworking your communication, and more time actively contributing to your organisation's success

  Collaborate more efficiently and effectively as you think through substantial pieces of communication.



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