The So What Strategy

Have you ever been caught at the end of a presentation when your audience, perhaps a leadership team or a Steering Committee, looks at you blankly and asks this most uncomfortable question: ‘So what?' How does that help?

If so, you don't want to be there again.

You want to know how to answer that question in one single, powerful sentence. Or, even better, set yourself up so nobody asks it.

In this practical book, Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles – communication strategists with decades of experience working with everyone from graduates through to the C-suite – reveal their proven approach.


Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles have been helping professionals use storylines for decades.

They started out helping McKinsey consultants in Hong Kong and Sydney use the Minto Pyramid Principle® and then spread their wings to work independently before starting Clarity Thought Partners together in 2010.

Both help professionals from a wide range of disciplines clarify their thinking so they can get their point across.

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