Do your papers and presentations have enough impact?

Many leaders tell me their good ideas don't get the traction they deserve. They tell me they

  • Leave leadership forums with more questions than answers
  • Often present more than once to get the decision they need
  • Know their communication includes ‘all the right stuff' but struggle to distil their insight, and
  • Work nights and weekends iterating on drafts.

Not communicating your valuable insights quickly and clearly may be costing you a great deal.

What if you could consistently get the decisions you need from senior forums the first time you present?

Read on to see how I think about communication training for leaders.

Learn to clarify and convey complex ideas


Convey messages that are so clear they jump off the page.


Deliver high-quality insights that deliver substantial value.



Declutter decision making by getting to the right point quickly.


Extreme Clarity Workshop

Do you fear losing your audience's attention? Or, worse: They pay no attention?

Communicating with extreme clarity is essential.

This 2-hour workshop introduces structured communication techniques to help you communicate with greater clarity.

Extreme Clarity Workshop

Private Programs

Communication Training for Leaders

Want to build your communication capabilities alongside your colleagues? I offer tailored communication programs for leaders and their teams.

Let’s help you and your team flourish by cutting the number of times you all rework papers and presentations.

Public Programs

Board Paper Bootcamp

Tired of working nights and weekends to fix papers and presentations for your senior leaders and board?  

Learn with an intimate cohort of senior leaders throughout this highly interactive program that will help you communicate to get you better decisions more quickly.


Elevate to Engage

Discover how to collaborate more effectively when structuring your messaging for senior leaders and boards.

Learn to collaborate effectively with your team, whether you are inside or outside a consulting environment.

Let’s cut the number of nights and weekends you spend iterating on papers and presentations.

Private Coaching

One-on-One and Small Group Coaching

Perhaps you have a gnarly paper to prepare or want to work privately with me to improve your communication impact.

I flex my approach to your needs.

10 Minutes to Better Emails

Free micro training course
Learn to write emails that are easy to action

We've worked with some incredible organisations. Here are a few …

I no longer spend up to 25 hours per weekend revising their papers and struggling through their emails.

This has made a tremendous difference to my work and home life.

My partner has commented on it, especially as we now have a six month old.

Sandip K

Executive Director, Strategy, Transformation, Major Capital and Digital, , Regional Health Service

I highly recommend Clarity First b/c it will make you efficient in communicating to your bosses or any high-stakes individual more confidently.

I have personally benefited.

Muhammed Ziauddin

Associate, McKinsey & Company

Clarity First gave me a simple structure for developing effective communications that I can use over and over again to get approvals, get funding, manage risks and issues and get fast decisions.

It has helped me take my career to the next level and more.

Cerise Uden

Project Director, Westpac

A great investment for your career. It will empower you to communicate clearly and effectively with confidence.

The online learning allows you to learn the theory at one's own pace.

It is incely complemented by the online group workshops which provide a safe environment for building confidence in application.

Andrew Bishop

Financial Planner, Activities Centres, Wyndham Council

Do it!

Alexandra Shea

Head of Financial Crime Governance, Afterpay