“As soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken and written word.” – Peter Drucker

Do you struggle to communicate the right level of detail?

In my experience, technical experts have two main problems when communicating detailed information.

Either they get stuck in the finer points and struggle to articulate the big picture, or they articulate the big picture and deliver few if any details.  So, to test that I have three questions for you:

  • Is explaining your recommendations complicated?
  • Did you walk away from your last presentation with questions rather than answers from the leadership team?
  • Are you frustrated that your good ideas are not getting the cut through they deserve?

The Clarity First Program offers an opportunity to learn a practical, repeatable process that you can use to get out of the details and engage audiences of all kinds.

Are you ready to…

Engage with details
Getting stuck in technical details is a sure fire way to lose your audience. Providing the big picture but not filling in the blanks does the same thing. Learn to get the balance right and be both technically powerful AND engaging in any context.
Get faster decisions
Do you get the decision you need the first time you present, or do you typically leave with more questions to answer? Clarify First helps you master simple, repeatable techniques for getting the cut through you need, even with non-technical audiences.
Reduce rework
Why waste time repeatedly reworking your communication? Learn a simple and practical approach for collaborating and socialising to massively cut rework and frustration.
Get ahead
Careers are stifled more by the inability to engage others than the lack of technical competence. Clarity First teaches you how to convey the most complex ideas on a single page.

The program is facilitated by me – Davina Stanley. I have been helping executives of all stripes communicate so they get the results they need since joining McKinsey & Company as a communication specialist in 1996. Since then I have helped everyone from business school students to C-suite executives across most business sectors in Australia. I have also lived and worked in Hong Kong, Tokyo and the US and currently support a major Silicon Valley technology company (among others). My sweet spot is helping technical experts.


Comments from recent participants

  • This was the best course I have done. I was always confident in my reasoning but not as confident with presenting it, particularly to audiences that were not on my wavelength. Davina has shown me how to organise my high-level messages which gets me a better response from my audiences. In fact, when I used the approach to present to the sales team last week half of them came up to me individually afterwards to compliment me on my presentation. That has never happened before!

    - Bojana
    Bojana, Customer experience adviser, Sydney Australia
  • One of the things I have found particularly helpful about this program is that it has helped me think more about what my audience needs from my communication. The program has given me a specific framework for thinking about their needs, and has provided me with a very useful structure to communicate key points in a logical and clear manner.

    - Paige Taylor
    Paige Taylor, Analyst, investment firm
  • I am enjoying the programme, and learning a lot every session, it is brilliant wish I had done something like that years ago.

    Why don't they teach it in MSc programmes ?!?!!

    - Galina, London
    2019 March Program Participant
  • I found today very helpful reinforcing how important getting an email right can be! I usually bang them out without much thought, forgetting what I am actually trying to achieve by the email.

    We spent so long today on one email and while I doubt it takes that long when you get in the swing of it, it shows how important it is to get it right.

    - Alison
    Investment Banker, Sydney
  • Apologies I have been absent.
    I have been working through the program in a self directed way. It really is terrific.
    My schedule has been very loaded due to a number of big matters running in the organisation whose Board I chair.
    - Janine, Board Director
    2019 March program participant
  • The program has helped me see the value of putting my main point first rather than always taking my audience on a journey through the data. Previously I would want to explain the background in some detail first to be sure that my audience knew where I was coming from, but since turning it around and providing the main point first I find I get a better response. I recently used the approach for a presentation at our regional conference and the response was really positive.

    - Tom Connolly
    Operations Associate, Uber
  • The Clarity First Coaching Program was incredibly useful for me as it has provided a framework through which I am able to structure my initial thoughts quickly and easily. I have always been ok at delivering communications but the tools Davina has taught me will not only make the communications clearer and more concise but the time taken to get to the end point has reduced greatly with the structure guiding it from the outset. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to make existing skills even better, or for those that want to create the foundations of great communication.

    - Michaela Flanagan
    GM Performance and Strategy, insurance industry