How to ‘handle' stakeholders who disagree with you

I was recently asked a wonderful question:

How do we communicate with a large group that includes stakeholders who disagree with us?

 The client and I had a terrific discussion and I mapped the outcome as a decision tree to share with you all.

The tree offers a series of decision points that we must navigate if we are to deliver a story that gets the result we need.

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See your presentation achieve the ‘Gold Standard'.

A client of mine coined this term, which to him meant that his team could develop communication that ‘got through' the layers within their decision making hierarchy largely unchanged.

He recognised that sometimes leaders wanted to tinker so they felt a sense of contribution and ownership.

However, the gold standard meant that these changes were stylistic, not substantive.

Together we did it.


Prepare your one-page storyline first and socialise this before any formal communication is prepared.

You might be amazed at how often you won't need a large piece of communication.

You might also be amazed at how you can achieve the Gold Standard too.



“Clarity First was the best course I have done.

I was always confident in my reasoning but not as confident with presenting it, particularly to audiences that were not on my wavelength. 

In fact, when I used the approach to present to the sales team last week half of them came up to me individually afterwards to compliment me on my presentation.

That has never happened before!”

Bojana, Customer experience adviser, Sydney Australia