Increase your influence with your c-suite and board

My programs increase your influence when communicating with your c-suite and board.

This involves lifting both your expectations and your ability to clarify and convey complex ideas on paper and in person.

You'll learn structured thinking techniques developed by top-tier consultants and road-tested for decades in broader organisational settings.

Structured thinking offers the rigour required to pitch business cases and strategies to the C-suite.

You and your team will learn to deliver what leaders and Boards commonly ask for: “Please get to the point!”


Quickly learn how to clarify and convey complex messages for senior leaders and boards in any format. Whether your organisation requires elegant prose paper, beautiful PowerPoint ... or prefers great ideas expediently presented, it's the messaging that matters.


Get more from your team so you slash the rewriting you need to do. My guess is that much of this happens out of hours too? Let's curtail that so both you and your colleagues are delivering at the right level.


Enjoy highly interactive and challenging working sessions designed for accomplished leaders. As one CEO said to his team after working with me: he and his fellow senior leadership team members thought they were already pretty good at this, but they learned a lot ... and felt stretched.

I tailor my workshops and programs to your ambitions and budget, all of which help you lift your influence when communicating with your c-suite and board.

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