Davina Stanley


Helping executives clarify and convey
complex ideas with less hassle and rework




McKinsey doesn't hire many kindergarten teachers, but somehow I snuck through the door (after some further study).

I had the great pleasure of working with the Firm directly for 3 years and then freelance for a further 15. To cap that off, I was approved in 2008 by Barbara Minto as a Pyramid Principle facilitator.

Since leaving McKinsey's formal employment I have  guided consultants and executives of almost all stripes toward the thinking breakthroughs needed to communicate complex ideas clearly.

This has included being invited to help top-tier consultants, including helping design BCG's structured thinking training program.

It has also included helping everyone from graduates to CEOs in Australia and overseas.

Clients range from boutique consulting and technology businesses to some of the world's largest publicly traded companies.


I get right in there with you.

I help you use a structured thinking process to sort through your data so we can surface, synthesise and support your main point.

It doesn't matter whether you are crafting an important email, a major paper or PowerPoint or preparing to contribute to an important meeting.

The fundamental principles are the same whether communicating a simple email or a sophisticated  $300 million funding request. 

Once your main point is clear, it is relatively easy to communicate it in any form.  

The communication itself is only as good as the thinking that underpins it.


I love what I do. 

Seeing recommendations approved ‘without adjustment' makes my day. 

Seeing the confidence that comes when clients see their good ideas get the traction they deserve is even more wonderful.

I love that helping people communicate does more than create clarity.

It materially reduces frustration, cuts wasted effort and delivers superior business outcomes, both in terms of quality decisions and time saved. 

Just as importantly for me, it creates confidence and accelerates careers.

It also gives you a better chance of having your nights and weekends to yourself rather than reworking endless drafts that go nowhere.