Want your nights and weekends back?

IMAGINE … Your team no longer needs you to rework their papers …

Learn how to guide your team
so their papers are clear, compelling
and vastly shorter
without substantive rework from you.


Join a small group of like-minded leaders in a practical program combining independent online learning with 1-1 and small group coaching. 

“Now my team is using the Clarity method, I no longer spend up to 25 hours per weekend revising their papers and struggling through their emails.

“This has made a tremendous difference to my work and home life.

“My partner has commented on it, especially as we now have a six-month old.”

Sandip K

Executive Director, Strategy, Transformation, Major Capital and Digital, Regional Health Service

What if …

… you could set your team up to write a 15-page Risk paper in such a way that you need to take just 30 minutes to review it once, (rather than playing multiple rounds of ping-pong which ends up in a muddled mess and delayed for another month before it can be presented and endorsed.)

– Finance General Manager


… your team could deliver the ideas underpinning a business case to you on a single, well-organised page so you could review the substance in 15 minutes rather than rewrite the paper yourself?

– Retail CEO



… the skills translated into operational areas of the business to drive productivity there too?

Imagine if your scheduler received zero clarification questions after sending out the next month's staff roster to store managers … rather than the '50' they previously received.

– Australian retailer




1-1 Kickoff to learn more about your business and your specific challenges and goals.

Independent learning – 3 hours of bite-sized online learning for you and 1 – 2 team members to complete in your own time. This explains how to clarify your thinking so you can communicate complex ideas any time, anywhere.


2 x 90-minute Mastery Workshops to learn how to cut the time you spend reworking your team's communication so you can reclaim your nights and weekends.

We will introduce our ‘Fast Feedback' approach and techniques for tweaking your operating rhythm to front-end the thinking and cut rework both for you and your team.

1 x Hot Seat Workshop for you with 2 team members where we prepare a piece of communication together live and build momentum in your team.


1-1 Embedding Call to help you operationalise the approach for your own team, finesse communication templates and answer confidential questions.

2 x Momentum Calls with your cohort peers to resolve challenges that emerge and learn from each other's experience as your teams embed the approach.


“I recently submitted an 80 page business case which was rejected. When I adopted your approach I got it down to 2 pages and it was approved immediately,”
– Roy H, Operations Centre Manager

“Our Chief Legal Officer said he was ‘swept away' by my recent SLT paper, which was the first I had prepared using your method. He said it was a pleasure to read. I have never heard of someone describe an SLT paper as a ‘pleasure to read' before!”
– Amber M, Chief of Staff and Head of Transformation at Australian retailer

Results from recent in-house programs suggest your team can help you if they know how …

Help your team deliver greater value

with less time needed from you


I love what I do.

I have had the pleasure of helping smart people all over the world to clarify and communicate complex ideas for the past 25+ years.

I first learned the approach when working at McKinsey in Hong Kong in the mid 1990s and was approved to teach Pyramid Principle by Barbara Minto in 2009.

The structured approach that I teach, the So What Strategy, helps people from almost every discipline.

It offers a universal thinking process that enables you to articulate the breakthrough lurking beneath the surface of your communication.