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MasterClasses to strengthen your structured communication skills

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May 27

Interactive 2-hour workshop

Davina  will challenge you to think differently about the foundations of powerful business communication.

She provides tools, perspectives and frameworks needed to successfully engage others in complex ideas in business.

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6 May

Interactive 2-hour workshop

Davina will build on your ability to draw your audience into your communication using your ‘CTQ-So What' or ‘SCQA' structure.

She will introduce advanced ideas relating to order, style and tone as well as offering a framework for evaluating the value your ‘so what' delivers.

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13 May

Interactive 2-hour workshop

Typically executives find deductive storylines to be the most challenging to prepare.

They rely on all of the structured communication skills coming together to form powerful recommendations.

Davina extends your ability to use these powerful structures.

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19 May

Interactive 2-hour workshop

Most leadership groups want us to discuss options when presenting recommendations.

But, how to do that without always using the To B or Not To B pattern?

Davina will introduce 6 pattern variants to help you explain which options you plan to explore through to making your recommendation.

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 May 20

Interactive 2-hour workshop

Do you know how to offer feedback on a storyline without reading every word?

Or, even more: how do you offer feedback on a fully formed document without rewriting it?

Our Scan – Score – Share method will see you offering valuable suggestions fast.

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From Our Students

You are underestimating how important effective communication is and this program can teach you how to significantly improve.

- Darren H

Supply Chain Manager, Australian retailer

This is critical learning for current or future consultants. Whether they are operating inside or outside of an organization.

- Keya D

Learning & Development Leader, Global legal firm

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