Clarity First


If you want to get better at clarifying and conveying complex ideas to senior leaders and Boards, read on.

I work closely with executives  to master a go-to technique for organising your ideas when you need to be convincing. I also help you coach your teams. I typically do that by …


Getting to know you during a one-on-one call and by reviewing samples of your communication. I may also provide you with pre-work, so you are familiar with structured communication techniques (sometimes called the Pyramid Principle).


Building on your existing knowledge to help you distil your messaging for key communication. I will also offer feedback on your drafts as they evolve, working on as many documents as we agree is sufficient to lift your skills.


Helping you embed your new approach into your regular working rhythm, potentially also by helping you cascade the techniques to your team.


Offering ongoing coaching and group support according to your needs.

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