Cutting Through

Engaging decision-makers in complex ideas

If you are an expert who needs to persuade others who do not share your technical background, this podcast is for you.

One of my biggest frustrations is seeing people with great ideas not get the traction they should.

I invite you to meet an incredible group of experts. They share how they have engaged ‘outsiders' in complex ideas. This could be others at the top, their peers, direct reports, anyone who does not share their technical expertise.

Scroll down to find actionable insights to help you cut through in your own world.


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E1 – Risk Management = Change Management

E1 – Risk Management = Change Management

Anthony Wilson shares 30+ years' experience in engaging others in risk management. His biggest challenge is to encourage leaders and others involved in managing risk to move away from a ‘once and done' approach. He is convinced there is enormous business value in seeing risk management as change management.

INTERVIEW – Busting 3 Business Negotiation Myths

INTERVIEW – Busting 3 Business Negotiation Myths

I came to Friday's interview with Matt Lohmeyer a bit selfishly. Negotiating has often made me nervous and yet he seems to thrive while discussing and doing it. So, I wanted to learn how he gets great outcomes while actually enjoying the process. If I am to interpret...

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