Do you ever wonder if Board members are a different breed?

Do they have different needs because they are different people, or because they have a different role?

In my experience it's a bit of both and a bit of neither too.

I shared my thoughts more specifically in a recent MasterClass What Boards Want to Know.

I answered participant questions while also covering a range of topics including
1. What to focus on in your papers and presentations
2. What does it really mean to be more strategic?
3. What bugs Boards about executives and consultants who present to them
4. How to make the most of your time with the Board

The recording of this session is available inside the Clarity Hub.

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PS – You may also be interested in my Board Paper Bootcamp. Learn more here. This will be an intimate group, and from what I know about the early birds, it will be a wonderfully rich series of conversations.